The first permanent photographic exhibition in space


Many photographers aspire to exhibit their photographs around the world, but few aim high enough to take their work off the Earth. Dr. Hersh Chadha, an Indian photographer based in Dubai, has managed to transcend the borders of our planet with the help of Duggal Visual Solutions, to create the first permanent photographic exhibition on the International Space Station. Its purpose: to make the astronauts working in the ISS stay connected to their place of origin through their images.

    Hersh Chadha with members of the International Space Station team: Andrey Borisenko, Sergey Ryzhikov and Shane Kimbrough. Source: Instagram @hershchadha

One of the photographs exposed in the ISS

The exhibition consists of five photographs of flowers that Dr. Chadha donated to astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

The equipment of the International Space Station with one of the photographs


Through the Instagram of Dr. Hersh Chadha we have been able to know a little more about the meaning of the images given for the permanent exhibition. On these lines, a Frangipani flower, with which the photographer wants to represent his family. He explains that he has selected her as part of the exhibition to highlight the importance of the family nucleus for him.


The photographer comments that he took this photograph during high temperatures in Dubai and makes a parallel between the way the flower survives in extreme conditions and how the astronauts do in space.


The flower victoria amazonica is one of the favorites of the author of the photography, for that reason he chose it for the sample.

To see more of Dr. Chadha's work you can visit his website,, or follow him on Instagram.

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