New York life captured from the front seat of a taxi


Life as a taxi driver is intense, even more so in a large city, and especially if that city is New York. Ryan Weideman photographed it for forty years, also shaping in his images the changes that took place in his surroundings.



Rubi Dubi Do, 1982


When he arrived in the city in 1980, after graduating from the California College of Arts & Crafts, his pretensions were a long way from driving a taxi in the next few decades, but the $ 300 he had in his pocket was not enough to live and he had to look for other means of subsistence. That was how he arrived at the taxi, without giving up doing street photography, the goal that he had led, at first, to the city of skyscrapers.


Self-portrait in the driver's seat of his taxi

His photographs travel the world by the hand of the Bruce Silverstein Gallery and they have recently been seen in the Center Espronceda of Barcelona.

The life and intensity of the stories that were told and happened in the back seat of his taxi took him to capture the images that are now object of worship and in which, beyond photographing people in a taxi, he has captured the evolution Of a city with an intense festive, business and cultural life, in decades of great changes.



Some of the Weideman anedotes include snakes


His photographs capture the diversity of the inhabitants of the city that never sleeps in constant boiling and the surrealist stories that can take place in a taxi, always from the perspective of its driver and, sometimes, with the taxi driver as protagonist or co-star.



More information: Ryan Weideman en la Bruce Silverstain Gallery

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